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Rio Linda Vinyl Floor Installation

vinyl flooring expertsIf you are considering using vinyl floor products for your construction or remodeling project, Floor Store has great news for you. We offer a complete installation service that will ensure quality and attractive vinyl flooring for your home here in Rio Linda, CA.

In case you still don’t know, vinyl is an inexpensive flooring material that comes with various design options. It is also opted for by many property owners when it comes to flooring durability. Whatever your needs and preferences are, we guarantee that we have the answer right here with our vast collection of all types and styles of vinyl floors.

Floor Store has a team of flooring experts that will not just guide you as you choose the best type of vinyl floor for your property. We will also ensure that your perfect flooring will be properly installed for maximum durability and visual appeal. With our service, no amount of your money will be wasted, and you can even increase the value of your property after our job is done.

To discuss your floor plans, and start exploring your vinyl floor options, reach out to us today. Our flooring experts are more than ready to answer your inquiries and present valuable insights for your flooring project.

Contact Floor Store at (916) 999-4966 for a free consultation with a Rio Linda vinyl floor expert now.


Linoleum is the original resilient flooring material. Over a hundred years ago, vinyl flooring was initially invented as its replacement. However, vinyl rose to popularity around the 1940s due to its durability, resilience, and water-resistance.

Since vinyl flooring is easily maintained and resistant to water, it can be seen mostly in bathrooms and kitchens. These traits also make it an inexpensive and hassle-free flooring choice for homeowners. Moreover, vinyl flooring is now popularly used among commercial areas as well. Business owners like how it lessens the upkeep costs compared to other flooring materials.

Another factor that makes installing a vinyl floor a good choice is the fact that it is available in various colors, textures, and styles. If you want to, you can have the vinyl printed to resemble hardwood, stone, or ceramic.

Cost of Vinyl Flooring

Rio Linda Vinyl Floor Installation vinyl 2 257x300For as low as $0.50 per square foot, you can already avail of some vinyl floors. Most of the time, this type of flooring doesn’t go beyond the moderate cost level of flooring materials. For some rare cases, you can find vinyl floors that cost more than $1 to $2. Standard vinyl tiles are similarly priced, but the peel-and-stick variety tends to be a bit more pricey.

On the higher end of the price range, luxury vinyl flooring can be availed for as much as $10 per square foot. Although this might sound so much more than its other type, vinyl flooring is still way cheaper than other premium flooring materials. The design and the quality of materials used in manufacturing determine the price range in different types of vinyl flooring.

Additionally, the cost of a vinyl floor installation is still relatively inexpensive. The general cost ranges from just $1 to $3 per square foot of vinyl. If the installation is easy, like just laying sheet vinyl over perfectly flat underlayments, the cost will be just a dollar per square foot or less. For more complicated installations or processes requiring a lot of subfloor preparation, you can pay $3 or even more.

For a rough estimate, the materials and installation of the vinyl floor will cost an average of about $3 per square foot of sheet vinyl, about $5 per square foot of vinyl tiles, and about $7 per square foot of luxury vinyl planks or tiles.

If you want to make sure how much you would pay for vinyl flooring in your property, contact a Rio Linda vinyl flooring expert. Just call Floor Store at (916) 999-4966 for a free consultation.

Maintenance and Repair

As mentioned above, vinyl floors are low-maintenance. Getting rid of dirt can be done just through regular sweeping. Stains can also be easily removed by using only a damp mop or other suitable vinyl floor cleaner. This is made possible because of the clear wear layers that all vinyl floor products have. These layers act as surface barriers that protect the vinyl floor from stains and spills.

Unfortunately, even if vinyl is stain-resistant, it is still susceptible to discoloration if they come in contact with rubber. Rubber shoe heels and mats with rubber backing are just some things that can cause a chemical reaction once scuffed against vinyl flooring. This reaction can then lead to permanent discoloration.

Additionally, the durability of vinyl flooring will depend on the material used in its manufacturing. Low-quality vinyl products should be expected to rip and tear after some time. Unfortunately, refinishing won’t be part of the options when this happens. Removing and replacing your vinyl flooring is the only solution when it gets damaged.

Comfort and Convenience

attractive vinyl flooring installationWhen it comes to comfort, vinyl floors are quite good. They don’t get cold during winter, and they are softer underfoot than wood or ceramic tile floors. Some vinyl floors are even underlaid with pads, which make them nicer to walk on.

However, there’s still some inconvenience with vinyl flooring. Because of the chemicals used in manufacturing them, toxic outgassing may occur after the installation of vinyl floors. This then may cause respiratory problems, asthmatic reactions, and eye irritation, among many others. Outgassing mostly occurs not too long after installation.

Additionally, vinyl floors are non-biodegradable. They are rarely recycled, so they only end up in landfills. Vinyl floor products are also manufactured using non-renewable natural resources like petroleum and natural gas. It’s safe to say then that vinyl is not the most environment-friendly flooring material out there.

To get detailed information about the pros and cons of vinyl flooring, it is better to talk to a professional. Contact Floor Store at (916) 999-4966 for a free consultation with a Rio Linda vinyl floor expert now.

Installation of Vinyl Flooring

There are different types of vinyl products. For each one, there is a corresponding different method of vinyl floor installation.

1. Sheet vinyl is normally laid out on the floor, cut based on the floor layout, and then glued to an adhesive that’s troweled on.

2. Standard vinyl tiles are glued down one by one. To do this, an installer can either use a troweled-on adhesive or remove the protective backing on the peel-and-stick tiles before putting them into place.

3. Luxury vinyl planks and tiles are fitted one by one into place using a click-lock edge connection. These vinyl floors are usually installed as floating floors over the underlayment. There is no glue-down bond involved in the process.

However, no matter the type of vinyl flooring, the layout is essential in every installation process. Knowing the floor layout, paired with careful planning and accurate calculations will ensure that the patterns and rows will be symmetrical.

To fully provide quality vinyl floor installation service, another essential thing to do right is getting the subfloor as flat and smooth as possible. By doing this, there will be no imperfections in the subfloor that can be seen on the surface of sheet vinyl and standard vinyl tile flooring.

Best Rio Linda Vinyl Floor Installer

When it comes to vinyl flooring, Floor Store is the top installer in the whole of Rio Linda. Aside from providing quality vinyl floor products, we are known for our quick, clean, and premium quality installation service.

No matter the type, our vinyl floor products are of high quality. From their designs to their durability, you will surely get the best from your budget. Our vinyl floor products can match whatever your preferred style is. And even if you are overwhelmed by all the available options, our vinyl floor experts can help you decide which one is best. This, of course, after considering your style, location, and budget.

Vinyl floor installation is something that our team of experts has already mastered. Once you choose to work with us, rest assured that your property will be well-taken care of, your floor warranty will be protected, and no materials will be wasted during the installation process.

Free Legal Consultation

Rio Linda Vinyl Floor Installation flooring logo 1 300x141To have full knowledge of the cost and implications of installing vinyl floors, talk to our flooring professionals. They will entertain all your inquiries and are more than ready to carry out the work for you.

Contact Floor Store at (916) 999-4966 for a free consultation with a Rio Linda vinyl floor expert now.