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Sacramento Stone Tile Flooring

Sacramento Stone Tile Flooring herringbone stone tile 300x233When it comes to floors that will give your home a luxurious feel, you won’t go wrong with stone tile flooring. They are very durable thanks to the fact that they are made from manufactured or synthetic stone, which can resist moisture and damage easily. They also come in different colors based on their material, which is either marble, slate, granite, sandstone, or limestone.

However, there are a lot of things you have to consider if you plan to use stone tile flooring for your home. They are divided into various ratings that determine how durable they are and which type works well for key areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor areas. To help you pick the best stone tile flooring for your home, our Sacramento team here at Floor Store can guide you through all the options available. We can explain the pros and cons of each type of stone tile and why they should be considered in the space.

If you need a customized service or have other questions about stone tile flooring that we can install for your home, our team is ready to assist at any time.

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What to Consider in Stone Tile Flooring?

Sacramento Stone Tile Flooring photo of blue doorway 2929910 225x300If you are planning to use stone tile flooring for your home, there are several factors that you have to consider to choose the right one.

Absorption capacity – This factor indicates how much moisture they can absorb within the material. If the tile flooring absorbs water and other liquids fast, it can stain the stone tile and damage it when exposed to hot or cold temperatures. If the tile flooring is made from natural stone, granite and polished stones are less porous than other natural stones.

Grade – Stone tile floorings are also graded based on the quality of materials used to make them and the quality of their surface. Grade 1 is stone tile floors made from high-quality materials, while Grade 3 is stone tile floors with poor quality materials and ideal as accent pieces.

Friction Coefficient – This factor deals with how slippery stone tiles are, especially when exposed to moisture. If the friction coefficient is higher, they have more traction and holds things in place. This is important to know if you plan to use the stone tiles in areas with high moisture levels like bathrooms and kitchens.

Indoor or Outdoor Use – There are certain stone tile floors that work best in outdoor areas rather than indoor areas. If you are using the tile flooring for outdoor use, you should choose the stones that have a low friction coefficient to prevent slips and must be waterproof.

Oxidation – Since natural stone is formed underneath the earth for millions of years, there is a possibility that they may contain other elements that may affect the color and quality. If the stones you selected have iron elements in them, they may oxidize and affect the quality for a long time.

Can’t decide the perfect stone tile flooring for your needs using these factors? Our Sacramento team of flooring experts can assist you in looking at all the options available and explain why certain factors must be considered when using stone tile flooring for certain parts of your home.

Is Stone Tile Floorings For You?

Sacramento Stone Tile Flooring custom herringbone tile floor 300x201Stone tile flooring is perfect if you want to add a luxurious touch to your home without paying a lot of money. Every floor will look unique because each stone comes with a different texture. They are also eco-friendly, making them safe to use for a more extended period.

They are also durable and capable of withstanding any damage without damaging the surface itself. They are also not that slippery and can even offer insulation in warm and colder temperatures.

Why Reach Out to Us?

Our team can help you find the best flooring for your lifestyle, budget, and space. We will sit down with you to learn everything you want for them and even learn more about the area where these floorings will be installed. We will ask you about the layout of the space and see if other materials can be used for the project. We have a lot of options available for clients to choose from and even offer customized tile work if you want something unique.

Once we are ready to install the tile flooring to your space, our Sacramento team will do it efficiently so that you can use the space immediately and not have to worry about it getting damaged easily. We will also clean up after our task and offer tips to maintain the flooring.

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Sacramento Stone Tile Flooring flooring logo 1 300x141When it comes to tile flooring or any flooring-related projects, we at Floor Store are one of the best in Sacramento. Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality floors for either residential or commercial spaces while providing an affordable service to customers. We also offer personalized service depending on our client’s preferences to make sure everything is perfect when we install the floors.

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