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North Highlands Residential Carpet Flooring

carpet for kids bedroomFor every home in North Highlands, the goal of Floor Store is to provide quality flooring material. Among our best selling points is our top-of-the-class carpets. North Highlands homeowners know them to be a legendary source of warmth, comfort, and impressive styles.

Purchasing one of our residential carpets and acquiring our installation services guarantee no regrets. It doesn’t matter whether you have a low or extremely huge budget. We can always find a way to provide you the best residential carpet based on your unique circumstance.

Working with Floor Store means that your home will be adorned with carpets appropriate for your home and lifestyle. To start discussing your options, today is the right time to talk to us.

Get a free estimate and consultation with a North Highlands, CA residential carpet flooring expert.

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Carpets Fit for Every Room

Although carpets are all good providers of warmth and comfort, there are specific details that set each of them apart. These factors are important to consider when deciding what carpet to install in certain areas of your home.

Among the stuff in need of consideration are the carpets’ materials, piles, and colors. All these factors must come together to work well with the environment the carpet will be used in. Also, these factors will affect the overall cost of the residential carpet installation.

The carpet flooring experts of Floor Store will guide through the following selections:

A. Carpet Fibers

attractive carpet floorsThere are four basic types of carpet fibers that you should consider. Each of them is appropriate for different types of activity within an area in your home.

1. Nylon. Residential carpets made out of nylon fiber are known to be the most durable. This is best used in areas with high traffic like hallways and stairs. Also, if you live with pets and children, our nylon-fibered carpets are your best option.

2. Polyester. This fiber produces residential carpets with luxurious visual effects. This is recommended for homes where normal traffic occurs.

3. Olefin. This fiber is used to create stain- and moisture-resistant residential carpets. Carpets made out of olefin are recommended for homeowners who live with children and other people prone to spill liquid.

4. Wool. Residential carpets out of wool hold the natural beauty that many homeowners admire. Aside from that visual advantage, wool carpets are also well-constructed, durable, and soil-resistant. However, if the room tends to experience a lot of stains, wool carpets aren’t for you.

B. Carpet Construction

The construction of our residential carpets can be assessed with two different factors:

1. Twist. This number or scale refers to how tight the carpet yarns are twisted. The tighter the twist is, the more the carpets can withstand matting and crushing.

2. Density. This refers to how many and how tightly twisted are the carpet’s yarns. The closer the yarns are twisted together, the denser the carpet is. High density means the carpet will wear and perform better.

If you feel overwhelmed,choosing the best residential carpet for your home, do not fret. The carpet flooring experts in Floor Store will guide you through the entire selection and installation process. Rest assured, you wouldn’t find any better service than us here in North Highlands.

Attractive Set of Designs

North Highlands Residential Carpet Flooring carpet 6 300x200Aside from the guarantee of quality materials, our residential carpets also take pride in their various styles and designs. Among your choices are the following:

1. Saxony. This is arguably the most iconic residential carpet style. If one thinks of carpet, Saxony’s image is probably what they can see. It is a cut pile carpet with a medium height. It can also range from being plush and velvety to having a textured appearance. Although Saxonies are regarded as versatile carpets, those with velvety appearance aren’t good for households with high traffic and lots of activities. On the other hand, textured Saxonies are truly versatile and can be used in practically any room with different existing decors. Textured Saxonies is the more popular style of residential carpet since it doesn’t show the footprint or vacuum marks.

2. Berber. This term originally refers to white or off-white carpets with flecks of dark brown or gray. However, Berber now generally means looped style carpets with loops ranging from small, tight loops to large and chunky loops. Older Berber styles are mostly used in areas of homes where entertaining guests isn’t done, like home offices and basement rec rooms. Modern Berber carpets, on the other hand, are now more versatile and can be combined with any decor.

3. Frieze. This style of residential carpet has fibers longer than Saxony’s that have been slightly twisted. Frieze is the evolution of the shag carpets and generally considered durable. Its fibers are long and lie in different directions. This makes frieze carpets inappropriate in formal settings but suitable for family rooms and basements. Frieze is mostly favored for its cozy and inviting feel.

4. Cut and loop. This type of residential carpet combines both cut and looped fibers to create its pattern. Under this style, a wide set of designs and textures that work with different home decors are available. Cut and loop carpets are good to use in many areas of your home but are more suited in modern and industrial-themed decorations.

If choosing the right residential carpet style gets too overwhelming, take a breath and talk to our carpet experts here in Floor Store. We will guide you in the whole selection process and will make sure that you purchase the one that works perfectly with your home.

Carpets Perfect for Your Budget

In Floor Store, our goal is to provide premium quality carpets suited for your budget. We have a team of residential carpet flooring experts that will gather your data and come up with a selection of carpets specially tailored for you.

To give you accurate recommendations, we aim to discuss with you all your plans and circumstances. Your budget, location, and lifestyle matter greatly to us. Knowing and understanding all these will help us look for the exact residential carpet that will work perfectly with your lifestyle.

From low budget to luxurious financial allocation, we know what to suggest. Rest assured, we can provide and install the residential carpet that your home deserves. Just contact us on (916) 999-4966, and let’s start discussing your residential carpet flooring project today.

Active Customer Service

North Highlands Residential Carpet Flooring carpet 4 300x200Apart from quality flooring materials and professional flooring insights, Floor Store also boasts of our active, friendly, and personalized customer service. We recognize the uniqueness of every customer and are always ready to address each of your unique needs and wants.

Never hesitate to call and talk to our residential carpet flooring experts. For your questions and requests, call (916) 999-4966 and start going through all your carpet options. Our team is so easy to approach and will always cater to your needs. We guarantee that all your concerns will be addressed. From the beginning of the selection process to the installation and maintenance of your carpet flooring, we will be there for you.

Prime North Highlands Residential Carpet Flooring Provider

Being a homeowner in North Highlands, you wouldn’t find any better flooring partner than us. For quite a long time now, we have been giving joy to many homeowners with our quality-made carpets and expert installation.

Check out our vast selection of carpets and let us help you purchase the best one for your home. Our residential carpets are proven beautiful, durable, and are ranking high in wearability. Additionally, we make sure that the greatness of our residential carpets will be enjoyed and preserved for as long as possible. We do this by rendering installation services that are quick, precise, and entirely well-done.

Moreover, our team of carpet flooring experts is extremely nice to work with. It’s not just because of our knowledge and experience; it’s because of our pleasing treatment to all of our clients. In the end, we believe it’s safe to say that we are your best residential carpet flooring provider in North Highlands, CA.

Talk to Our Experts

North Highlands Residential Carpet Flooring flooring logo 1 300x141When it comes to your home, everything must be of the best quality. However, it’s not just enough that your flooring lasts a long time. It must be a reflection of who you are and is appropriate for the way you live. To purchase the best carpet for your home, work with us today.

Get a free estimate and consultation with a North Highlands residential carpet flooring expert. Call Floor Store at (916) 999-4966 now.