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Sacramento Hardwood Flooring Contractor

Sacramento Hardwood Flooring Contractor hardwood 9 300x218For the best hardwood floors in Sacramento, CA, all you need is Floor Store. We are a top-notch floor construction company that has been serving the people of Sacramento for many years. Whatever your flooring needs are, we can surely provide them for you with utmost professionalism and excellence. Do you need to replace your ages-old, moldy wooden floors? Or perhaps you want to upgrade your synthetic or stone flooring material into the luxurious and durable hardwood? Our licensed floor construction experts got your back.

Hardwood floors are no doubt one of the best flooring materials out there. With its outstanding durability and aesthetic that has been proven to last for generations, hardwood floors are truly worth their price. You can’t afford to have them mishandled when installed in your building. With many experiences handling different preferences on floors from various clients, we know we have what it takes to handle your needs.

Our company offers the full set of services involved in manufacturing, installing, replacing, repairing, maintaining, finishing, and designing hardwood floors in a house, an office, or any other building in the city. Our flooring experts have all the resources and training needed to give you both first-rate construction services and customer service. Don’t miss the chance to have your new, gorgeous wooden floors handled by the best floor company in town!

Call Floor Store today at 916-635-9602 for your free consultation!

Finest Hardwood Floors

Sacramento Hardwood Flooring Contractor hardwood floors 300x183Hardwood floors certainly increase the real estate value of a house or any building. Wood, as a flooring material, is chosen typically because of two things: its durability and its beauty. They are known for their toughness despite heavy foot traffic and strong pressures. But the best part about hardwood is that the elegance and natural look they give off lasts for many years, unlike other materials that may be able to last structurally but not aesthetically.

Hardwood flooring comes in three main types: solid wood, engineered wood, and acrylic-impregnated wood. Solid wood floors are planks taken from one single timber. Engineered wood is a mix of two types of wood, one more expensive and durable than the other. Finally, acrylic-impregnated wood is wood soaked in sealant and other chemicals to reinforce their structural integrity.

Whatever type of wood you use, to get their maximum potential, it is best to partner with a trusted floor contractor. With Floor Store, all your needs will be met perfectly. In this way, you will also reduce the risk of causing damages or bad construction habits toward your floors. We won’t just help you with the installation, manufacturing, or any other technical service. We can even help you in designing and deciding on your home or office. We can recommend the best products and styles you can incorporate in your space.

Comprehensive Floor Services

Sacramento Hardwood Flooring Contractor hardwood 5 300x200As your top flooring contractor in Sacramento, our company is equipped to handle the entire process of floor installation. Our flooring specialists have all the necessary experience and training to provide flawless and professional services to our clients. From planning and managing the project, designing the structure and look of the floors, manufacturing the wood products, installing them with precision on your subfloors, finishing them with the proper products, up until repairing them when the need arises, we will be there for you,

The Best Floor Contractors in Sacramento

Floor Store has been satisfying customers all over Sacramento for many years. We have known how to properly address the specific demands of each of our clients with professionalism, passion, and commitment. We know every crook and cranny there is to know about installing hardwood floors in both residential and commercial spaces. With Floor Store, you don’t have to worry about anything else other than what you want your hardwood floors to be. We want to be your only floor service contractor!

Free Hardwood Flooring Consultation

Sacramento Hardwood Flooring Contractor flooring logo 1 300x141Are you interested in getting hardwood floors for your building with Floor Store? Or maybe you are still undecided about the floor changes you will make? We offer a free consultation session with our floor construction experts. Let us know what you want, your needs, preferences, and objectives, and we will give you our best advice about flooring options. Let’s achieve your dream hardwood flooring together.

Call Floor Store today at 916-635-9602 for a free consultation with a hardwood flooring expert!