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Sacramento Flooring Contractor

attractive home carpetAre you looking for a top-notch floor construction company to get high-quality floors for your home or office? Maybe you have old, worn-out floors that need repairs. Or perhaps you want to upgrade your vinyl tiles to authentic, industry-grade hardwood flooring. You are in the right place. For all your floor construction needs, whether you want upgrades, repairs, or working from scratch, Floor Store is all you need.

For amazing floors that perfectly serve their desired functions, you can stop your search for other companies, because Floor Store has all you need in Sacramento. Our company boasts a wide range of floor specifications, from material, design, shapes, sizes, styles, and prices. You don’t need to look at other contractors for pricing, for we have the best cost-effective products in the city.

Floor Store is a top-notch floor company that offers the entire set of services required in installing floors in any building type. Our team is composed of seasoned floor engineers and experts that can perform each necessary specialized task in the flooring construction industry.

With our years of experience, when it comes to satisfying customers in Sacramento, we have been equipped with the tools and resources to handle any kind of customer preference on the table. So you don’t need to worry about having your flooring needs met. We can provide the highest quality of floors for your home or office fast and flawlessly for the best prices in the city. We cannot wait to work with you.

Call Floor Store at 916-635-9602 for a free consultation and estimate!

Best Floor Products in the City

Sacramento Flooring Contractor vinyl 9 300x150In Floor Store, our goal is to provide our clients in Sacramento with only the best flooring solutions to their needs. We make sure that our products are high-quality without any significant blemishes and damages. If you’re looking for dense, tight carpets for your master bedroom, industry-grade and moisture-resistant ceramic tiles, or authentic and long-lasting oak hardwood floors, we got it all for you. We only provide them with the highest quality possible in the flooring construction industry. Here are a few of our first-rate flooring products that might tweak your interest:

1. Tile Flooring

Tile flooring refers to the wide range of floor materials that can be manufactured and installed as tiles of various shapes, thickness, and design. Great examples are our luxury vinyl floors, ceramic and porcelain tiles, and laminate flooring. They are very easy to repair, replace, and maintain.

2. Hardwood

Hardwood is a bonafide classic floor material that boosts the overall value of any property. Our hardwood products are guaranteed to have very durable quality and a great look that can last for many years.

3. Carpet

For guaranteed tight and dense carpet of all materials like nylon, polyester, olefin, and wool, Floor Store is all you need. Carpet floors can provide the best moods of cozy, homely, and comfort. They are also great in lowering noise in general.

4. Porcelain and Ceramic

Clay-based materials are known for their resistance to water and moisture and are therefore great for high-moisture rooms, like bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry areas. With Floor Store, you can make any room look luxurious and elegant using porcelain flooring.

5. Vinyl

Vinyl is a very versatile material that can emulate high-end materials like hardwood and stone. You can get a great look, durability, and resistance of more expensive materials for far less than the price. With Floor Store, you can get the best prices of vinyl floors.

Residential and Commercial Floors

Sacramento Flooring Contractor hardwood 1 300x150Floor Store works with clients from all backgrounds. If you’re looking for floors for your business, such as restaurants, cafes, hotels, corporate offices, schools, or any other establishment, we’ve got a great selection of materials for commercial flooring. You can choose among our wide array of high-quality products, such as shiny, polished concrete, durable non-slip stone, or noise-reducing carpet tiles.

But if you’re just looking for floors for your home, we can also execute the job perfectly. Let us upgrade your house and flooring through industry-grade wooden floors or polished marble tiles. There’s no floor construction project that our experts cannot do for you.

Top-Notch Floor Construction Contractors

tile flooring installationAs your leading floor company in Sacramento, CA, Floor Store is equipped to handle all the necessary tasks in producing perfect floors for our clients. Our manufacturing and installation teams will see to it that your floors are produced and installed correctly in your building. Our project managers will handle your questions and requests. We will make sure that you get only stellar customer service. We will provide your floors fast and flawlessly for the best prices in the market. Floor Store is your best bet in getting new floors for your place.

Free Consultation

Sacramento Flooring Contractor flooring logo 1 300x141If you’re interested in our services, just let us know. If you have any questions, clarifications, or even doubts about partnering with our company, we are more than happy to help out. Floor Store offers more than just technical services. We can also give professional consultations with our floor specialists. The road to getting your perfect floors starts with your call.

Call Floor Store today at 916-635-9602 for a free consultation with a floor construction expert.