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hardwood flooringAre your floors showing signs of damage from too much traffic or exposure to the elements? Is it dated and you like something new? If your answer is yes to either one of these questions, it may be the right time for you to consider replacing your floors.

Floor replacement is a big project, especially if you want to change your floors from tiles to wood or vice versa. You will have to consider what is the best material for the space, what purpose the area plays in your home or commercial space, and how much budget you have for it. Because of the various options available for floorings and other factors involving floors, it can be hard to choose the best one.

To help you out with your floor replacement project, we at Floor Store can help you out. Our Auburn team specializes in anything related to flooring and can definitely make your choice easier. We also install efficiently and make sure that once we are done, you can use the space immediately and don’t have to worry about your floors losing form.

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When to Replace Floors

attractive vinyl flooring installationOut of all the areas in your home, your floors are the ones that are worn down easily because of the traffic they experience every day. Even if they are made from tiles, they will still need replacing once you see certain signs of damage appearing in them. But when do you replace them?

Here is a quick guide on when you should replace floors:

Hardwood – this type of flooring can last for decades, but it can slowly deteriorate over time. When it does, it will start losing its color and shine, and it will also start to have a bounce when you step on it.

Linoleum – when it starts peeling in certain areas, or it feels damp on the areas, it is time to replace it. Linoleum can also fade through time, which is another indicator that it needs replacing.

Tile – the time when you might need to replace tile flooring varies depending on the tile you used. Ceramic tiles, in particular, can last a long time, similar to hardwood tiles. You will need to replace tile floorings if there are broken tiles or the grout is now filled with mildew.

Laminate/vinyl – Both laminate and vinyl flooring are preferred by many when replacing their floors since they can look like other floorings, including wood or tile floorings. However, you will know that it is time to replace these floorings when they start to lift up and if there is water damage.

If you are uncertain regarding the state of your floors and if you want to have it replaced immediately, you can ask our Auburn-based team to check them out for you. Our team will also recommend the best flooring type for the area to prevent further damages to your home or commercial space.

Refinishing or Replacing?

custom tile flooringIf you own hardwood floors, you may hear about refinishing your floors instead of replacing them altogether.

Hardwood floors are known for their durability, and it will take years before any major damage is seen on the floors. As a result, many may consider refinishing them to make the affected area look brand new. In refinishing, the wood will be sanded to remove the damaged area and coated to make it look brand new.

Unfortunately, not all hardwood floors can be refinished, especially if the damage is severe and if the flooring in question is starting to wiggle. If you are uncertain if you should replace your floors instead, you can ask our team to check it out for you, and we will recommend what action can be done to make your floors safe and brand new.

Tile Flooring Experts

Auburn Floor Replacement Company tile 1 300x150Our team can handle any type of flooring and pick the best flooring material and style that will work with your budget and space. We will talk with you during the consultation stage to find out what kind of flooring you want and how you want it to look. We will also look into the layout of the room where the flooring will be located. If you do not have an idea of what you want for the space, we can recommend the best ones based on the information you provide us. We can also do customized designs if that is your request.

Once everything is cleared, our flooring experts will go to your space and install the flooring efficiently to reduce any wasted material. Our process will also make sure that the floors are ready for use once we are finished, and it will not move about as time passes by.

When we finish with the space, we will clean up our work area and give you tips on maintaining the flooring. We will also answer any other questions you may have to make sure that you are confident with your new floors.

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Auburn Floor Replacement Company flooring logo 1 300x141When it comes to flooring projects, you can never go wrong with us here at Floor Store. We are one of the best in Auburn, CA, always making sure that clients receive the best service and floors that fit their budget, timeline, and image. We also guarantee that the floors we install, replace or revamp are durable and last for a long time, no matter where they are installed: at home or your commercial space.

Our experts will look into your floors, see what we can do to improve your floors, use the best materials available, and give you the best service you can ask for. We can also give you advice in case you want to try other options for your floors.

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