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Sacramento Commercial Tile Installation

Sacramento Commercial Tile Installation gray chair 3124079 200x300Are you constructing a commercial building? Renovating an old office? Whatever is your business construction project, Floor Store offers the tile installation service in Sacramento that’s perfect for every commercial space.

For a durable and stylish flooring, our commercial tiles are the best solution. Whether you own a start-up business, real estate business, or other company properties here in Sacramento, our team of expert tile installers will deliver and install the most fitting floor tiles for your commercial building.

The popularity of commercial tiles has skyrocketed throughout the years for a good reason. Aside from having a lot of designs to choose from, tile flooring for commercial areas is known to be favored for its durability. Commercial tiles also come with a variety of types, each addressing different needs for different businesses.

And the best news? We offer them all here in Floor Store!

We have a team of experts when it comes to commercial tile installation. It is composed of installers who are always ready and willing to provide quality service for you. We work in a way that’s tailored to accommodate your personal preferences, incorporating them to our designs and presenting you with the most fitting set of options for your commercial tile flooring. This way, we can make sure that you get the best flooring for your building.

To discuss your flooring needs, and to explore your commercial tile option, reach out to one of our experts today.

Contact Floor Store at (916) 999-4966 for a free consultation with a Sacramento commercial tile expert now.

Factors to Consider Before Tile Installation

Sacramento Commercial Tile Installation Canva White and Black Marble Tiles 300x200The shapes and sizes of floor tiles are broadly varied. You can choose from a tiny 1-inch tile to a large 24-inch tile. The common choice, however, is between the 12-inch and 18-inch tiles. They have been the best sellers for quite some time.

Keep in mind, though, that there’s more to choosing the right tiles than taking note of their sizes. You need to be more technical before purchasing your dream commercial tiles.

The following is the list of factors you need to carefully consider when deciding to install commercial tile flooring:

Types of tiles. The type of materials used to make commercial tiles play an essential role in their durability and overall functionality. The common types of tiles are quarry, ceramic, porcelain, glass, decorative, mosaic, and natural stone tiles.

PEI rating. Every type of tile is given a corresponding PEI rating. It is based on the location where the tile must be used. The lower the rating is, the lower the recommended usage is for that type of tile. PEI rating 1 indicates that the tile is appropriate for wall installations. PEI rating 5 indicates that the tile is best for commercial areas and other spaces with heavy traffic.

Style. Depending on your company’s branding and needs, commercial tiles can be customized. Open, wide spaces can be filled with oversized tiles. Focal points, on the other hand, will do with smaller tiles. Additionally, you can choose to customize the shapes of your commercial tiles. You can have it shaped as squares, rectangles, or any other geometric shapes you can think of.

Tile and grout colors. Tiles will come in various colors depending on the type of material you favored. The grout to be applied in between your tiles will also come in different colors. That is why you need to choose what colors will be best both for your tiles and grout.

If you want to highlight your tile color, use light grout. If you want to emphasize the design of your commercial tile flooring, use dark grout. Dark grout is also recommended for high-traffic areas where dirt is commonly found.

Installation method. Commercial tile installation requires patience, skills, and attention to detail. Choosing a professional team to execute the installation process is essential. In Floor Store, our expert installers know how to respect your property and render service with visually appealing results.

We know that for each material used in tile production, installation techniques will vary. The same goes for the shape and design of every commercial tile. With the knowledge and experience of our tile installers, you can rest assured that every measurement is right, and lesser to no materials will be unnecessarily wasted.

If you want a trusted commercial tile installation service, just contact Floor Store at (916) 999-4966 for a free consultation now.

Tiles vs. Carpets

Sacramento Commercial Tile Installation modern tile ceramic floor 300x201Tiles and carpets are the top two choices for commercial flooring. Their price range and floor coverage are practically the same. However, they still differ in several benefits.

Durability. When it comes to durability, tiles will always win over carpets. Carpets will start to wear down from the very first moment you use it, and it will just get worse over time. On the other hand, commercial tile flooring will retain its beauty and quality for over a decade or even more.

Hygienic. Tiles are better than carpets when it comes to commercial areas where there is heavy traffic, and health is a top concern. Carpets will hold dirt, molds, hairs, dust, and pollen. These things will be hard to remove and bad news for those who have allergies or respiratory problems. Fortunately, this doesn’t happen with commercial tiles.

Maintenance. This round still goes to commercial floor tiles. Cleaning carpets can get expensive and very time-consuming. Commercial tiles, on the other hand, require easier maintenance. For most tiles, sweeping and mopping regularly will be enough.

Style. When it comes to style or design, either of the two can win based on your preference. However, commercial tiles that are well-designed and properly installed are often opted for by many. This is because tiles can be customized and have different combinations of colors and patterns. They can also be shaped and cut to perfectly fit unique layouts.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Commercial Tile Installers

Sacramento Commercial Tile Installation tile flooring installation 1 300x199Although there are a lot of tasks you can do by yourself, commercial tile installation is not one of them. Professional tile installers will save you time, hassles, and money. Among other benefits of hiring professionals to install your commercial floor tiles are the following:

Protected warranty. If you decided to install the tiles yourself, most tile manufacturers wouldn’t honor the warranty terms if the tile flooring acquired damages due to improper installation. Simply put that aside from ensuring long-lasting flooring for your facility, professional commercial tile installers will also protect the warranty that will cover any possible issues your tiles may encounter.

Quick installation process. With their skills and experience, the proper installation of commercial tiles will be done faster by the professionals. Additionally, they can easily address any unforeseen problems that may arise during the installation.

Proper equipment. Professionals have the proper tools needed to execute every step of the tile installation process correctly. Spreading grout, cutting tiles, and smoothing tile edges can be quickly done with the proper equipment that’s just within their reach.

Less wasted materials. With professionals working in your commercial tile installation, you can ensure that their measurements are almost always exact, leading them to know just how much materials are needed for every project. This will effectively prevent you from both overbuying and being short of materials. Also, professional tile installers don’t tend to mess up and break or incorrectly cut your tiles.

Water damage resistance. If your commercial tiles are improperly installed, water will most likely seep through their cracks and gaps. Mold and mildew will then develop on your floor tiles, letting some health issues develop as well. With expert tile installers doing the job, water damage can be avoided through proper installation.

Best Sacramento Commercial Tile Installers

Sacramento Commercial Tile Installation tile install segment 300x199For the top commercial tile installation service in Sacramento, California, it is best to work with Floor Store. We guarantee quality service acquired at a reasonable price with nothing short of outstanding results.

With us, you will work with skilled professionals who know how to properly install commercial tiles based on your business needs and personal preferences. We work in a careful yet timely manner, making sure that all measurements are correct, and all steps in the installation process are done efficiently. Taking care of your property and ensuring attractive and durable flooring will never be an issue with our expert commercial tile installers.

If you are ready to discuss how you can get the most fitting tile flooring for your commercial space, reach out to us. Do not hesitate and work with us today.

Free Consultation

Sacramento Commercial Tile Installation flooring logo 1 300x141Every commercial place should have a flooring that’s attractive, functional, and durable all at the same time. To have an idea of what will best fit your own space, talk to one of our tile experts.

Contact Floor Store at (916) 999-4966 for a free consultation with a Sacramento commercial tile expert now.