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Diamond Springs Commercial Tile Flooring

Diamond Springs Commercial Tile Flooring modern tile ceramic floor 300x201Every business must have floorings that will reflect its brand and dedication to providing consumers a welcoming and clean experience when visiting the space. If you want to achieve this, our Diamond Springs team of flooring experts can change the way your commercial spaces look with the help of commercial tile flooring.

We can work in any type and size of commercial space and have the right materials ready to start the project immediately. We can also offer recommendations that will fit your space and install them perfectly to lower maintenance costs and fees. Once we sort out your project, we will make sure that everything looks seamlessly and everything’s within your budget.

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Porcelain or Ceramic?

Diamond Springs Commercial Tile Flooring tile segment block 300x199Two of the most popular tile floorings that you can use for commercial spaces are porcelain and ceramic tiles. Many people often confuse both types because they almost look the same. However, they are quite different from one another and fit certain areas in your commercial space.

Porcelain is often picked for outdoor use because it is more durable and water-resistant. It can also resist damage easily, and you won’t even notice that it has damage because of its glaze. Porcelain also comes in different levels, which indicate how well it can handle traffic and moisture. The highest level is PEI Group 5, porcelain tiles that can handle heavy foot traffic, dirt, and moisture.

While ceramic tiles also work well in outdoor or commercial use, they are not as durable as porcelain flooring. People will also see the damages easily in ceramic tiles because of the glaze changes in the affected area. Ceramic also comes in different levels, but experts recommend porcelain for a more durable finish.

Why Choose Us?

tile flooring examplesCommercial floorings require careful planning and installation to reduce maintenance fees and keep them in pristine condition. Here at Floor Store, you can be reassured that the commercial flooring that we will install in your space fits your place perfectly, as well as your budget and requirements.

When you call us, we will discuss every detail about the project: from the layout of the space to its purpose. We will also ask you about the patterns that you want to see in the tiles and even customize them based on your needs. If you are uncertain about which type of commercial tile flooring you want to use in your space, we can recommend the best ones for your place.

The installation process is also good because our team will make sure that the space is prepared well so we can install the tiles perfectly. We will not waste any materials as we work, keeping the costs low for you. We will also clean up after we are done with your space so you can work on it immediately. This attention to detail is the reason why many Diamond Springs, CA clients reach out to us for their flooring needs.

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Diamond Springs Commercial Tile Flooring flooring logo 1 300x141If you want a company you can trust for your flooring projects, we here at Floor Store are one of Diamond Springs’s most trusted brands. Our team is dedicated to providing clients a smooth flooring project where their spaces are transformed with the flooring that we install for their residential or commercial spaces. If you need more advice on the flooring that you can apply for the area or have any issues with our services, we are ready to answer at any time.

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