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Elverta Commercial Carpet Flooring

custom commercial carpet installationCommercial flooring plays an important role in making a great first impression and keeping a professional image. It is also a factor in need of consideration when it comes to the safety and comfort of every business patron. Aside from the usual tiles and hardwood, commercial carpets prove to be an excellent choice for commercial flooring as well.

Here in Floor Store, we have carpets of all sorts from where you can choose which one to install. With our vast design and type selection, we guarantee that you can find the carpet that addresses your business needs and meets your wants.

Whether it be nylon carpets or wool ones, carpet tiles or broadloom carpets, solution-dyed or printed carpet, we have it all right here! Floor Store is more than willing to present your full commercial carpet flooring options and help you decide on which is best.

To get a free estimate and consultation, call Floor Store at (916) 999-4966 and talk to a Elverta commercial carpet flooring expert now.

Broad Carpet Selection

In Floor Store, we offer the three basic types of commercial carpets. They are the following:

1. Broadloom carpet. This is a traditional choice among commercial carpets. Broadloom is also known as wall-to-wall carpet and comes in large rolls. If you choose to install a broadloom carpet, your commercial area will have one continuous carpet piece as a flooring material.

Broadloom carpets can be availed in various beautiful designs and textures. However, using these carpets will also produce a lot of waste, especially if used on irregularly shaped rooms.

2. Carpet tiles. This type of carpet is slowly overtaking broadloom when it comes to popularity. Carpet tiles are smaller in size, which makes it easier to maneuver and, therefore, easier to install. More importantly, the installation process for carpet tiles will generate much lesser waste compared to that of broadloom carpets.

Carpet tiles can be installed as square or rectangular planks. It is also worth noting that aside from their size, broadloom and carpet tiles differ in the way they were made. Carpet tiles are constructed with different types of backing, which gives them a multi-layered structure. This type of structure then makes them capable of absorbing 25% more structure-borne sound than broadloom carpets.

3. Entryway mats. Aside from broadloom and carpet tiles, Floor Store also offers quality entryway mats. They only cover a small space in your commercial building but will provide a big help in ensuring the longevity of your other commercial flooring material.

Our quality entryway mats are combined with absorbent textile products, which will remove dirt from shoes and will also absorb excess moisture.

Apart from the types of commercial carpet that we have in store, we also offer a vast selection with regard to their aesthetics. These are the different premium-quality commercial carpets you can avail from us in terms of their dyeing method:

custom commercial carpeting1. Solution-Dyed Carpet. With solution dyeing, fibers are dyed before they were made into carpets. The colored fibers are then tufted into a backing material to create the carpet’s colors, designs, and patterns.

Solution-dyed carpets are popular, known to resist bleach solutions of up to 10% concentration. This quality can only be acquired by carpets dyed differently with the use of topical treatment.

2. Continuous Dyed Carpet. Opposite to solution dyeing, continuous dyeing is a process done after the fibers are turned into carpets. A huge range of various colors and shades can be made for the carpets by using different applicators and different vibes. To perform the process, one should run the carpet through a dye ‘waterfall’ which will apply colors onto it.

3. Yarn-Dyed Carpet. Yarn dyeing is the process of adding a single color to each fiber before they are tufted into the backing material to make the carpet.

4. Printed Carpet. Digital dye injection is used in the production of printed carpets. In this process, the same dyes and fixing processes used in yarn-dyed carpets are being utilized. However, with printed carpets, dyes are injected after the carpet construction. Additionally, dyes are to penetrate the fibers directly.

With our extensive list of commercial carpet options, we understand that it can be difficult at times to pick what’s best for your business. So to make it easier for you, our team of carpet flooring experts will be assisting you with the help of the experiences and knowledge they’ve acquired through the years.

Budget-Friendly Carpets

We know that as a commercial property owner, you are sure to go after cost-effective carpets that can sustain its quality for a reasonable amount of time. Here in Floor Store, our commercial carpet experts will guide you in buying the carpet that fits your budget.

As we consider your location, needs, and wants, we will be able to identify the most fitting type of carpet for you and your property. All factors influencing the cost of commercial carpet installation will be examined and analyzed by our team. From the manufacturing to the flooring layout, we will look into every detail and figure out a way of how to provide the best commercial carpet flooring without hurting your budget.

Leading Provider of Elverta Commercial Carpet Flooring

For a long time, our service has been acquired and trusted by numerous individuals. From small business owners to big corporate managers, we are always ready to provide you the best commercial carpet in Elverta, CA.

We understand that for every commercial space, different carpets need to be installed. The needs of your visitors and staff need to be considered in the installation of your commercial carpet. Aside from that, we will also keep in mind the type of business environment that you will have when suggesting the best carpet to install for you.

With Floor Store, we guarantee the following: quality carpets, expert installation, and commendable customer service. And you know what’s even better? You can get all these at a reasonably good price!

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Elverta Commercial Carpet Flooring flooring logo 1 300x141Carpets are suitable commercial flooring materials. However, if you want to get the best out of them, work with the right flooring partner. From the material to the carpet installation, you and your property only deserve the best.

To get a free estimate and consultation, call Floor Store at (916) 999-4966 and talk to a Elverta commercial carpet flooring expert now.