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Rancho Cordova Carpet Flooring

attractive home carpetIf you’re thinking about the best flooring material for your home or commercial space, carpet flooring must be one of your choices. With its various design options and numerous advantages, carpet flooring material is one of the best selling products of Floor Store.

For every home and business in Rancho Cordova, Floor Store will provide and install quality flooring materials. And if it is carpet flooring you’ve set your eyes on, we offer a comprehensive carpet flooring service from professional advice to expert installation. Working with us will guarantee that your property will have the perfect carpet that will match your style and needs.

Our carpets have received overwhelmingly good feedback from our long list of previous clients. For a free estimate and additional information on your full carpet flooring options, now is the time to talk to our flooring professional.

Contact Floor Store at (916) 999-4966 for a free consultation with a Rancho Cordova carpet flooring expert now.

Carpets That Fit Your Lifestyle

Carpets come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and patterns. That is why we, at Floor Store, know that we have the exact carpet that will fit your lifestyle and match any other existing decor in your property.

With our carpet flooring, you will have a cushioned surface that is less noisy to walk on compared to the other hard-surface flooring materials. This surface is also resistant to slips and can prevent breakage of fallen delicate items. Aside from that, our carpets also have insulating properties that give warm underfoot even during cold seasons. On top of these, most of our synthetic carpets have been treated with static, stain, and soil-resistant elements.

Considering all these and the fact that carpets are one of the most cost-effective flooring materials to be installed, it is always worth your time to check out our collection of carpet floors.

As you choose the perfect carpet flooring to install in your property, the following are the things you need to take note of:

carpet installationCarpet fiber. The right fiber will be determined by how you use a certain area of your property.

Nylon. This is the most durable and stain-resistant carpet fiber in the market if treated with stain protection. Aside from being perfect for stairs and areas with heavy traffic, carpets made of nylon fiber are also recommended for homes with pets and children.

Polyester. This carpet fiber is popular for its luxurious visuals, feel, and a vast selection of styles and colors. If your home has a normal amount of traffic, a polyester carpet will be good for you.

Olefin. This fiber is stain and moisture resistant. However, olefin is behind nylon and polyester when it comes to wearability. Olefin fiber is best used for loop pile construction and high, dense cut piles.

Wool. This fiber is not just admired for its natural beauty but its natural soil-resistant qualities as well. And even if wool is not stain-resistant, it sustains its beauty for a long time and is well constructed too.

Carpet construction. The quality of a carpet’s construction will determine its durability, appearance, and cost.

Twist. This speaks about how tightly the carpet fiber was twisted. For carpets to better perform under crushing and matting, fiber should be tightly twisted. This is more important for cut pile carpets since their tips are exposed and can be easily untwisted. Most cut pile carpets have 3-6 twists per inch. Frieze carpets, on the other hand, have the highest twist level of about 7-9 twists per inch.

Density. This refers to both the amount and tightness of the fibers within the carpet. The closer the fibers are, the denser the carpet will be. The denser the carpet is, the better it will perform. To check the density, you can reach the carpet backing by pressing your fingers on the fibers. If it is difficult to reach the backing, the carpet is dense. For outward facing tufts, you need to bend the carper into a U-shape to see how much backing is visible. The lesser carpet backing shows, the denser the carpet is.

attractive carpet floorsCarpet texture. This refers to how the carpet fibers are attached to the carpet backing. There are three different types of textures for carpets:

1. Cut pile. This type of carpet has cut yarns at the ends. Cut pile carpets have a soft feel that makes them ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, and family rooms. Under the cut pile type are five basic carpet styles: velvet, saxony, frieze, shag, and cable. These styles primarily differ in twists, which affect each of their durability.

2. Loop. This type of carpet has its yarns looped and uncut on its surface. The pile height can either be a low, tightly constructed pile, or luxurious high-level pile. Loop carpets are ideal for areas with heavy traffic since they boast of strength and soil-hiding qualities.

3. Cut-loop. This is the combination of high cut tufts and lower loops in various sculptured patterns. Compared to loop carpets, cut-loop carpets are less durable. However, they still offer good performance.

Color selection. Floors are considered by many as their home’s fifth wall. It will connect all the other decorative elements in the whole room. So when choosing the color of your carpet flooring, it is important to consider all furnishings within your home.

To decide what is the right carpet for your floor, whether based on its quality or its design, our carpet flooring experts here in Floor Store will help you. You can bring fabric and color samples to give us better ideas of what you truly want. Rest assured, we will help you achieve the best carpet flooring for your home here in Rancho Cordova, CA.

Leading Providers of Carpet Flooring in Rancho Cordova

attractive textured carpetWhen it comes to quality carpet flooring in Rancho Cordova, there’s no better place to go than Floor Store. For a long time, we have established trust between us and our customers with comprehensive flooring service and top-of-the-class flooring materials.

We understand the uniqueness of every property owner and manager that comes looking for our service. Whether for their needs or personal preferences, we study all of them and present a set of their best possible flooring options. And it’s no different for you! Our carpet flooring experts are always willing to extend their service and provide professional advice as you choose the most fitting carpet flooring for your home.

We guarantee that our customer service is among the best in the whole of Rancho Cordova. So if you are ready to discuss your carpet flooring options, do not think twice and contact us today. Floor Store is always just a call away.

Consult a Professional

Rancho Cordova Carpet Flooring flooring logo 1 300x141You may already have the color scheme or the vague idea for the design that you want, but more often than not, it is still the professionals who know the exact carpet type that fits your home. To invest in the right carpet flooring, talk to one of our flooring professionals today.

Contact Floor Store at (916) 999-4966 for a free consultation with a Rancho Cordova carpet flooring expert now.